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A real-life RPG and the first technology-based sport

Explore the real world with your phone to find superpowers and use them to fight other players in an AR experience.

Introducing The Bone

The Bone is a free-to-play mobile AR game that combines components from RPG and sports in a real-life environment. Using three elements of technology: your smartphone, augmented reality, and electronics, we deliver:

The experience of having superpowers in real life

Here, you are the main character, the world is your stage, and our technology is the medium that will let you live this experience.

We created a Demo for you to take a glimpse into our Universe, and to test out the Mobile Only experience without an Epon, click to download:


Real Life Gameplay

If you acquire a Caster Gear you will you will have access to both the mobile and real-life gameplay experiences (solo and multiplayer). Train and fight with local players in real life or with the entire player base in an online mode.

 Actual Gameplay 1vs 1 using the built-in recording & streaming feature. 


Caster Gear


Game Modes

Each time you fight, you will select your loadout from the dozens of available powers. This means that each battle will have different strategies depending on the conditions of that specific match. If you wish, you could deal huge amounts of damage, heal your allies, use shields, paralyze your enemies or hundreds of more combinations for you to discover.


The world is your stage and, as long as you have internet access, you can play anywhere.  Picture yourself in an abandoned building playing a 2 vs 2 capture the flag match,  or gathering with 10 friends in your local park  to play a battle royal, or a 1 vs 1 duel in your backyard.

You select the location and create the rules. We intend to let the community build and create different game modes.


Online Combat

The system is based on the idea that this is a sport and should be treated that way. Some days, you will have amazing fights in real-life arenas, but other days you must train.

If you own an Epon, you can battle other players online with specific augmented reality gameplay designed to sharpen your skills while battling with other recruits worldwide.


Power Archives

The Bone is all about superpowers and your ability to summon and cast them. In our universe they are called Power Archives. The other resources revolve around them, and mastering them should be the focus of your training. How many exist is a mystery, but we have discovered 36 so far.

Each Power Archive has a unique series of movements, or Casting Pattern, that you must perform to use them. An essential part of your training is mastering these patterns to perform them precisely.

Mobile Gameplay

You don’t need a Caster Gear to be a part of our Universe. We developed a stand alone mobile experience where you will explore the world, gather resources, level up your powers and fight other players in the combat simulator.  We think it is better if you test it yourself, therefore we created a Demo. Click to download:


Explore the world

To begin your adventure, you'll only need your phone. Using its camera and our Augmented Reality system, you will explore your surroundings to find superpowers, along with the resources you'll need to level them up.

Consider this is not a GPS-based game. Depending on the actual colors and textures you explore are the resources you will find, so pay attention to your surroundings. Superpowers could be anywhere.


Combat Simulator

If you don't own an Epon, you can access the Combat simulator with your phone at any time.  An online multiplayer arena for you to test your powers, try new strategies, practice with your teammates, and gain experience before going into real-life battles.



Nereas are your virtual companions and training partners.  They are entirely cosmetic and will not have any impact on the game mechanics or your performance. However, they will make you look amazing when fighting online. You know what they say: if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.

Collect them all and show them off with your friends!


Recruitment Centers

Recruitment Centers (RC´s) are the real-life point of contact of our community with The Bone.  Through a special section of our app, RC owners will create and organize tournaments and training sessions, and players will find and book matches near them.

In an RC, players will use their smartphones and profiles, and may bring their Caster Gear or rent one at the Recruitment Center, even if you don’t own an Epon, you can still fight with the Power Archives you have worked hard to level up.  This locations are a great way to meet fellow recruits, practice your casting technique, participate in official tournaments and trade in-game assets!

Estimated Delivery Timeline


Team & Experience

We have an amazing international team of people passionate about gaming, esports, technology, and entertainment. The founding team has over 30 years of combined experience in launching and growing different companies and projects in finance, esports, robotics, online platforms, and product development. And we are not alone; we gathered an incredible group of investors and advisors led by the legendary Rod Cousens.


Legendary Investors & Advisors


The Team


Behind the Tech

 We have been working for over 3 years now in the development of The Bone. We are constantly testing and improving our technology by creating various revisions of our hardware and software. We are in the last stages of hardware development, where only some details need to be refined before going into production.


Take a look at the design and prototyping process of different areas in our project:

Mechanical Design:


Software Development:


Electronic Design:


Art & Animation:


Game Design: