"He who does not know history, is condemned to repeat it" 

Discover the most important events that have brought us here. 

You should understand that this story hasn't been written yet, your actions as a recruit will define the destiny and path we are set upon. We are righting this story together, in real-time, in real life. Join the fight.


Universal Particles

A select group of physicists accidentally discovered what came to be known as Universal Particles. It is still early to understand what this all implies, yet, now we know we can manipulate matter as we know it, as long as we have the proper technology to handle it. 

A mobile app was developed to extract and manipulate Particles from the environment and cast them with the proper equipment known as an Epon. The combination of both of these was to be called The Bone. 

Those who have an Epon and the app will control matter's and energy's backbone.

They will have superpowers in real life.

Given the recent discovery, and for everyone's safety, the New World Affairs Commission was created to regulate information and the Universal Particles. 

Feb 2020

The Recruitment Center

At some point in 2019, in one of the confidential New World Affairs Commission's meeting, the decision was made to raise awareness of The Bone's existence through a Recruitment Process. Those who met the necessary requirements to hold the responsibility to manipulate matter could be part of  

a select group of people that would help us discover what, till this date, we know little about.

That is how at the beginning of 2020, under the orders of some of the Commissioners, the Recruitment Center opened its doors to the first generation of recruits.

March 2020

The Recruitment Center

While the Recruitment Center received multiple applications from individuals who were determined to be part of this new historic phase, the private and political interests of others started to show. They were able to successfully manipulate the New World Affairs Commission's members. Their objective was to 

make the information private, while keep all the discoveries and technology for their own best interests. 

An immediate split was made between those who wanted the information public and those who wanted to make money out of the discoveries for their own benefit. They were since then known as: the invertebrates. 

Make sure to turn the captions on

April 2020

The attack of the invertebrates

The Recruitment Center kept on growing and continued being a success. Those who opposed The Bone being public, known as invertebrates, decided to take the necessary measures before it was too late for them to stop the technology from spreading to the public. 

They made a deliberate attack on the Recruitment Center and Anonim@, the Artificial Intelligence system that regulates everything that happens. They immediately shut down the Center and got rid of all of the recruits without any explanation. 

The escape.

April 2020

Luckily, not all of the Commissioners were influenced. We were able to recover a conversation that proves those who are still faithful. 

They were able to escape the Commission to strategize their existence. They would not surrender. 

Make sure to turn the English captions on

Make sure to turn the English captions on

May 2020

The Resistance

Those who were not going to let The Bone's technology be taken away got together for one mission only 

To recuperate the New World Affairs Commission before time ran out and it was too late

During the next few months the recruits, apprentices, and high commands focused on training and solving the missions in order to counter attack the corrupt commission. But just one thing caused everything to change. 

The 3 Vaults

August 2020

Anonim@ revealed the problem with the 3 vaults. Before the attack, it had divided the Master Q-Code, the quantic code from which the universe is made. Anonim@ saved it in 3 distinct vaults that were impossible to break or open. 

Anonim@ made sure to erase the passwords from its memory and to eliminate any trace of their existence to assure that, if ever captured, the invertebrates couldn't open them. 

Anonim@ made sure to leave specific clues so that the recruits could open the vaults and thus recuperate the Master Q-Code and counter-attack. 

October 2020

Game Over

The recruits failed. They weren't able to decipher the passwords in time and couldn't open the vaults and recuperate the Master Q-Code. 

The high Command was disappointed in the recruits' poor performance. They were able to recuperate the Master Q-Code themselves by somehow attacking the Commission, and with it recuperate the Master Q-Code. 

There is no public record as to how they made this happen. Nothing has been found, yet. 

Available for everyone

Spring 2021

We have now recovered the Master Q-Code as well as the commission, but our resources are scarce, and the big corporations that invested at the beginning now they are out and have disappeared. 


It seems we only have one solution left: the plan is to have a massive launch where we will share the technology that allows us to manipulate matter as we know it with the entire world and make sure that it is never again hidden and taken from others. 

In the meantime, we will continue recruiting people because we know they are the ones who will write history. 

April 2021

Central Command

We fail... The invertebrates are much more powerful than us.

We need to re-group, have a new strategy that allows us to spread the word, generate trust and fulfill our mission.

We will not rest until we deliver the technology to allow everyone to have superpowers in real life.

Do not mistake yourself. We are at war, a silent one. But still, we have yet dozens of battles to win. The fight will take place in June. We are relaunching on Kickstarter. This is our first real battle, and we need to prepare. We can't let the Invertebrates won this time. 

The Battle for Kickstarter

June 2021

We are righting this story together, in real-time, in real life. Join the fight.

The First Era is about to end, and all recruits will have access to the technology.