The Bone, The Beginning.

On September 29th, 1954, with the support of multiple European countries, a group of scientists founded an institution which they named CERN, a particle accelerator larger than 27 kilometers outside of Switzerland. For more than sixty years scientists have worked endlessly to resolve one idea, what is the universe made of? What is its nature?

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Taken under the wing of the United Nations, they have published dozens of experiments with positive results. One of their discoveries is the prominent Higgs Particle. This unearthing is one step closer to the collective understanding of humanity's own nature. Yet, not everything that has been discovered is public, it can’t be.

Within the endless labs and thousands of meters in tunnels, a revelation changed everything for good. A select group of physicists accidentally discovered what they named the Universal Particles. It is still too early to understand everything this implies, but they exist, visible and tangible for those who have the appropriate technology to see them. The Universal Particles are capable of manipulating matter as we know it, since they are what the universe is made out of, or so it seems…

As is protocol, CERN immediately forced the scientists to report said discovery to their superiors. At the beginning it seemed to be a good thing -

We have found what started it all

many believed. But others, less enthusiastic, thought they had found

The beginning of the end.

When the highest ranks noticed the implications they immediately classified the information as confidential and kept watchful eyes on the discovery. They asked the scientists to continue their research and experiments but to maintain caution with the utmost importance. The scientists had to change their residences and identities, their name no longer belonged to them. Since then, no one really knows who is behind this anymore.

They spent countless months working on understanding it All, one step at a time reaching more and more conclusions. Until one day, a young talented group of people invented a device that allowed them to manipulate the Universal Particles. That was the turning point. Everyone started to pay attention. Distinct sectors of our modern society wanted to get involved as it had rarely happened. Some historians stressed that this phenomenon of interest and revolt had only happened a couple of times in the history of humanity, such as the discovery of gunpowder, or the atomic bomb. As it tends to happen, if there is something interesting going on where politics and secrets are involved, there is bound to be external interest.

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Some of the highest level officers of the United Nations called an urgent closed doors assembly where they invited a select group of representatives from each country in order to maintain absolute confidentiality. There was only one conclusion that was made public: From that moment on, all regulation and distribution of information on the Universal Particles would be moderated and decided by the recently created New World Affairs Commission.

The current regulation states that only those who have the right device and necessary application have the ability to explore the world, collect particles, combine them, manipulate them, and generate Power Archives, which can, if combined properly, directly manipulate matter. There are those who will think it is magic, others that it is impossible. But they are both incorrect. This is technology.

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The device along with the application are able to control the backbone of matter and energy. This is therefore known as “The Bone.”

First Era

Introduction Volume

Chapter I: The Beginning



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