Point system: How to earn and spend them.

Updated: Feb 9


Chapter II is here, and with it, new ways to continue your training. You will find a new system of Quests: Every time you successfully complete a quest you will receive points. These points can be exchanged in the store for any product from an Alpha key to a Recruitment Center, to Nereas, a Caster Book and more.

It all starts when you successfully complete at least one mission, the system will give you points. I will explain how to use them:

Completing a mission

Once you have finished a mission, you will receive a confirmation email with the amount points you earned. Within the next 48 hours you will see them reflected in the "Quest Points Panel" that you can find in the lower left corner of Central Command.

About the Panel

In this panel you can see the points you currently have, the rewards available to claim, the ones you have unlocked, as well as the history of everything that has happened. This is the panel that manages everything related to your points.

About the rewards

The process to claim your rewards works like this: First you get points, then you redeem them in this panel to get a discount code that you use to purchase the reward in the Armory.

To see all available rewards, go to “Ways to redeem”. Remember, the reward that appears in the main panel is only a recommendation of the system.

Once you decide which reward to spend your points on, click “Redeem”. The system will give you a promo code. By clicking on “Redeem,” the points are spent automatically - there is no going back. Don't mess up XD

With this code:

  1. Go to the Armory,

  2. Choose the product you redeemed your points for,

  3. Enter the promo code

If you don't find a code, click on “Your rewards” there you will find all the ones you have redeemed!

That’s it! Continue completing quests and follow this process to earn all of the available rewards.

About the referral system

You want many many more points?! The referral system is the perfect solution.

Inside the Quests Panel you will find a section called "Referrals". You'll find a link that you can share with all of those you wish to recruit. Your contact will get a $10 usd discount(In purchases of $35 usd or above) and you will get 900 points for bringing in new recruits. Yes, you read that right, 900🤯.

You just have to make sure to:

  • Share the link within your community.

  • Have your contact write his mail in the points panel before de Anonim@ interview. Only this way it will work.

  • Your contact will have preference in the acceptance processed for being referred by you.

Get recruits, get everything for free.

Let the training begin.

Restu Kune.

Central Command.


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