An Introduction to Exploring

Updated: Jun 8

Until now, we have only discovered one way of obtaining Universal Particles: extracting them from the world, literally. We cannot create and much less duplicate them. The New World Affairs Commission has named this area of study “Extraction,” which comes from Exploring, one of the three main pillars. This happens when a person uses technology (through a cell phone) and examines the world to obtain Particles found in the environment.

We know that Particles are everywhere because they are part of the Universe, which keeps them moving. We cannot extract them from any random spot. Besides, taking advantage of this would be like taking oxygen from the planet. We must be careful.

Some time ago, it was observed that nature creates some sort of Universal Particle clusters for unknown reasons to this day. They are static agglomerations that are found in the environment and are susceptible to extraction. This discovery, made at the same time as The Bone, was named Pixels.

A Pixel is an amplification - through the app - of the Universal Particle clusters so that humans can see them and extract them if they desire to do so. It is interesting how Pixels carry the same color that the environment carries and can easily get lost. The Particles one can collect depends on what Pixel is found. We still don’t know if all Pixels carry the same number of Universal Particles or if there are variations; it is an unknown branch.

The intelligence team has obtained a video that was used a few months ago that explains the project to the leaders of the Commission. Even though it doesn’t work exactly like that - since the technology has gotten better - it will still give you an idea of how they interact with the environment by using the app.

You found me! The code is "1", just 1.

Exploring the world and collecting Universal Particles is the beginning of it all, recruit. It is how you can obtain the most basic resources to mix Kroms later and, from there, create Power Archives. But this doesn’t end here; there is still a missing element.

You will notice how sometimes a sphere looking object appears when you are extracting. This is known as an Orb, and no, it is not part of nature. An orb is an element that the system uses to reward you in certain activities. Those who find an orb in any place should know that there is a reward to be collected.