Introduction to Exploration

Updated: Feb 1

Nature exists and functions on its own, that's why we are here. You as humans are dedicated to exploiting it and then understanding it. It is the mission of the Explorer to find the balance between using the resources nature provides for our benefit through extraction and understanding it.

As of now, we have only discovered one way to obtain Universal Particles: literally extracting them from nature. We cannot create them, much less duplicate them. We can manipulate them, but that is Alchemy and we will touch on that topic in the future... The New World Affairs Commission called this branch of study extraction, an aspect of Exploration which is one of the three pillars of any Recruit’s study. It happens when a person uses the technology in their cell phone to examine the quantum world that surrounds us and obtain resources to later use in Alchemy.

Exploring is the activity carried out by Recruits to extract quantum resources from nature.

We know that Universal Particles are everywhere because they are part of the universe, in fact they keep it going. However, the technology that we have developed for your cell phone still does not allow us to see them, much less extract them, because they are too small... The good news is that, thanks to field studies, a variant was discovered that we are able to see and extract : Pixels.

A Pixel is an agglomeration of Universal Particles in their natural, unrefined state. For some still-unknown reason, the Particles cluster in geometric structures of specific colors. It is curious how Pixels match the colors surrounding them and almost blend in; the Explorer must be attentive to the environment at all times while exploring.

Depending on the Pixel found, different Particles can be collected. We still do not know if all the Pixels have the same amount of Universal Particles or if there are variations, but it is under investigation. Just go Exploring to continue discovering: 36 Pixels have been found so far, each containing different resources.

Exploring the world and collecting Universal Particles by extracting Pixels is the beginning of every Recruit’s journey. It is how you will obtain the most basic resources which you will later be able to mix to form Kromas, and from there, forge formidable Power Archives. But let's not get ahead of ourselves…

Shortly after discovering Pixels, scientists found a new element. The story goes that it was a wonderful moment for research but terrifying for XXREDACTEDXX, who discovered it: While conducting field tests to further understand the Universal Particles, he observed what he initially thought was a large Pixel. But no, he had discovered a new world of possibilities...

By this time, a couple of powers had already been discovered, all being made in the laboratory and under the strict restrictions of the Commission. The biggest question everyone had was, “where are we going to find more applications for this discovery? How do we figure out how to make more Power Archives?” (Although they weren't called that at the time, my job is to explain, so let's assume the name “Power Archive” existed.)

The quantum structures that are required to make what is colloquially known as “a superpower” are extremely complex. They are so difficult to find and understand that an institution like CERN, regulated by the UN, had to hand over control to the New World Affairs Commission (and later the Quantum Affairs Commission, but we will talk about that later), a brand new organization which was created to focus on the research and development of Universal Particles. Many think that quantum physics is, possibly, the hope for humanity.

The question of how to decipher nature to make more Power Archives was still being asked until XXREDACTEDXX found a Biome. A macro agglomeration of quantum elements that contains dozens of Pixels, he only needed to interact with it for it to overflow with resources. That discovery would change the course of the investigations (again).

XXREDACTEDXX, excited but reckless, interacted with the Biome without any hesitation and with little caution. He was collecting so many Particles that he assumed he would become famous for the discovery. He did become famous, but not for collecting particles, nor for discovering what we know today as a Biome, but because he died in the process.

For the first time in history, a human was able to see a Power Essence in its natural state. Unfortunately for XXREDACTEDXX, the first Essence discovered was one of the most aggressive. He found what we know today as Tomata Furiozo Esenco (Tomato Fury), a power that, in addition to doing large amounts of damage, increases its power with every successful attack – an Essence that Explorers must not underestimate and prepare to face it beforehand.

We have this information because Anonim@ records everything, that is its job. It recorded how XXREDACTEDXX obtained more than six different types of Pixels, how he extracted more than three different Kromas without even knowing it, and how Tomato Fury bludgeoned him uncontrollably until he unfortunately lost his life...

May this be written in memory of he who discovered the Biomes. Thanks to him, today we have the ability to fight and then extract Power Essences.

Primera Época

Volumen Introductorio

Introducción a la Exploración.



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