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Growing more powerful every day is not a task that needs to fall on you alone. There are some Recruits who will go the rest of their lives fighting on their own and making alliances only when absolutely necessary.

Many others prefer to belong to an organization. An organization that has the same values ​​and purposes. That, perhaps, is geographically nearby or has a similar worldview. These organizations are known as Houses and beginning now, all of you will be able to create your own or, if you would prefer, join one.

Why would I want to join a House?

Over the past few years, Houses have supported and mentored thousands of recruits. Some have managed to perfect their organizational systems to such a degree that unbreakable friendships have been formed. Digital and face-to-face meetings culminate in a partnership with the same goal: Conquer the real world.

If you decide to join, you will get access to exclusive Discord channels to communicate with the other House members in addition to all the benefits and activities that the leaders of the House have planned.

It's not good or bad, it's not better or worse. Joining a House is a decision, a style. We invite you to try it, if it is not the ideal for you, you can leave at any time.

Why would I want to create a House?

Some recruits specialize in exploration, others in combat or alchemy, yet others are leaders, captains by nature. If you want to command troops of recruits, organize them in different parts of the world and above all, instill certain principles and objectives in others; if organizing tens, hundreds, or thousands of Recruits is in your nature, this path is your path.

If you want to rise within this society as that leader who created an organization that one day stood out, this is your chance! It has been proven that those who have the title of Commanders and have Recruitment Centers around the world, start like this, with a House and the mission of conquering borders.

House creation process

  1. Make the decision to create a House.

  2. Acquire the item "House" in the Armory

  3. Fill in the information to be created.

Remember that you can also use mission points to purchase the “House” item. Once it is in your inventory under “Rewards & Items,” you will find a button to claim your right and create your House. If your House is going to be created by 2+ people, contact me (BotD11) to analyze the case.


Once the form is filled out, the Bots will review the information in detail to ensure that no Invertebrate is hidden among our leaders. Assuming there is no problem:

  1. Your House Discord Channels will be created

  2. Only the House General will be able to manage the House: Create up to 5 channels, change names, permissions, and more.

  3. It is very important not to exceed this number as any channel that exceeds it will be automatically deleted.

Your first steps as a leader:

Once the House is accepted, the House General will be able to start receiving requests to join the house. The House General will not be able to send invitations, only receive requests.

To support the administration of his house, the House General can assign leaders to help with certain tasks, leaving the roles and permissions without exceptions as follows:

House General:
- Appoint leaders
- Remove leaders
- Accept people to the House
- Kick people from the House
- Request to delete the house (by direct message to BotD11)
- Post in announcements
- Moderation

- Accept people to the house
- Kick people from the house
- Post in announcements
- Moderation

Members of the house:
- Talk in general
- React to announcements

The assignment of leaders and the acceptance and expulsion of members is done through a special command that must be sent directly to Bot-R0. These commands can be found below and in the Bot-R0 section of Discord.


!guild apply <house name>
Command used to join a House. If you are accepted you join.
Requirement: you cannot belong to another House.

!guild delete
Command to delete the House.
Requirement: Be the House General of the House.

!guild quit
Command to get out of the current House.
Requirement: Not be a House General

!guild remove <user tag>
Command to remove someone from the house.
Requirement: Be the House General or a leader of the House

NOTES: These commands will only be executed if the mentioned requirements are met. The House General will directly receive requests to join and may accept or decline them.

Now you know how to create your own House and take it to the top by keeping it active and recruiting new members. Create it, recruit, and start training to dominate the tournament. There will be a winner, the question is: will he be a member of your House?

Let the training begin.

Restu Kune

Central Command.


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