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The first Kroma was discovered by chance in the wild by extracting a Pixel found within a Biome. Shortly thereafter it was found that mixing Universal Particles in large quantities and exact proportions made it possible to make Kromas, a stable quantum element. It was the first step in putting the Universal Particles to practical use.

At the same time, a group of Alchemists dedicated their time to the study of the Power Essences: Quantum elements that are found in nature and have a defined behavior that alters matter and energy. Some harden other elements like rock and fortify them, some do large amounts of damage, others recover the life of any living being, and some paralyze things around them. There is such a variety that no overarching conclusion has been reached.

Naturally, whenever the study of an Essence was planned, extensive security protocols had to be followed in order to prevent further loss of life. This document does not intend to teach you about history, but if you want to know more, you can review it here (link The discovery of Biomes)

As a precaution, they began to carry out experiments inside a huge, underground laboratory with ventilation ducts hundreds of meters long. The idea was simple, they recreated natural environments of all kinds and then they looked for Biomes. They recreated deserts, jungles, forests, plains, or even environments such as the sky and the sea. They then experimented with elements like fires and thunderstorms, all to discover new Biomes that were filled with different Power Essences.

The analogy of DNA has been tirelessly used to explain this phenomenon. Just as the DNA of a living being determines its characteristics such as hair color or the number of moles that it will have throughout its life, the Particles, combined in a precise order and proportion, are the guide to how matter will behave. If we are able to accumulate the appropriate Q-Codes in the precise order, we will be able to alter matter and therefore have superpowers.

For example: A section of the DNA chain is what determines whether a living being will grow horns, another section, the color of the eyes, and another, the length of the neck. The combination of all these sections (commonly known as pieces of DNA) are the instructions that make up the genetic code of a living being. Those codes are what makes a Giraffe grow instead of a Hippopotamus from just 2 cells.

Well, recent discoveries show that matter behaves in a similar way, it has embedded instructions at the quantum level that dictate its attributes. Scientists suspect that there is an infinite amount of mixes or segments of instructions, each of which governs a specific attribute of matter. It has only been possible to discover and study just over thirty combinations, however, it is believed that the limit is much higher than what has been found.

One of the most important elements of a Power Archive is their Kromas. These feed Universal Particles in exact proportions to the Archive, without them, Q-Codes are nothing more than instructions without ingredients. In this way, a Power Archive is made up of Q-Codes and Kromas, so simple to explain and so complex to put into practice.

The Kromas, being mixtures of ready-to-use Universal Particles, have a specific color that identifies them. To date, 36 Kromas have been discovered.

In summary, when a Q-Code is obtained, it could be said that a section of the “recipe” has been collected to form a Power Archive. The ingredients are always Universal Particles, not by themselves, but in refined collections, called Kromas.

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Q-Codes & Kromas


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