Become a City Warden

Some will become legends by winning tournaments as Casters, others by being Explorers who discover the most exotic resources, but many others will go down in history as Wardens.

It's time to organize troops to dominate your city one battle at a time. Become a City Warden and mobilize your local Recruits to organize face-to-face matches, training, and tournaments.

What is a City Warden?

A City Warden is a pillar of the community who is empowered to create, manage, and run meetups and training sessions within their city.

The title of Warden is one of the most important steps to develop your future as a Captain of our troops. Remember that The Bone is not a game, it is real life.

What can a City Warden do?

  • Create unlimited events in your city or area.

  • Have access to an exclusive tool within Central Command to create and manage events.

  • Have a dedicated channel on our Discord server to manage your city.

What are the advantages of being a Warden?

It will depend on the impact you have in your community. After the event you organized ends, the attendees will have the opportunity to rate it, if your performance is adequate and the number of events is sufficient, you could get:

  • Promotion of your events on The Bone's official networks.

  • Free gifts, provided by The Bone, for your community during events.

  • T-shirts, banners, posters, Alpha codes and other tools to continue growing your community and improve your events.

  • There is a legend that some Wardens will be able to level up to such a degree that they will be given a Recruitment Center for free and obtain the title of Commander.

What is the difference between being a Warden and having a Recruitment Center?

Both have the power to organize events, but a Recruitment Center will have the power to conduct official training and tournaments, as well as charge money for said events. All Commanders, owners of Recruitment Centers, are by definition City Wardens, but not all Wardens are Commanders, nor do they have Recruitment Centers.

How do I become a Warden?

Commanding troops is not for everyone. You must earn that title through an admission process to make sure you have what it takes.

  • First, fill out the Warden application and schedule an interview with one of the senior officers of Central Command.

  • If your profile is suitable, you can organize a test event in your city with our support.

  • If the event is a success, you will be approved and become your City’s Warden. You can then create all the events you want.

How do I create an event?

Once approved as a City Warden, you will receive an invitation to a special page with all the instructions and the system you will use to create events.

If you think you have what it takes: the connections, influence, passion, and resources to mobilize a community, apply now and become a Warden.


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