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Real-life gaming platform to experience superpowers.

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The Bone: a free mobile, no pay to win, multiplayer augmented reality game. It is a real-life RPG and the first technology-based sport. Combining mobile gaming, augmented reality, and hardware, we created: The experience of having superpowers in real life.

For the first time, you are literally the main character. The world is your stage, your phone the medium that allows you to interact with this new reality, and the Epon, the machine that will let you cast Archive Powers in real-life combat.

This is about you, getting better every day by training, finding new Power Archives by exploring your surroundings, collecting them, and leveling them up until you feel ready to prove yourself in real combat.



The moment that crowns everything. You will end up finding yourself in the deep of the woods or the chaotic square of your city, raise your Epon, remember your training, and trust your teammates. Because when the match starts, it only matters who has the best skill and strategy.

We don’t want nor do we expect people running around throwing superpowers everywhere. Real-life combat must be seen as a sport, having been previously organized and with a specific location. The cool thing is that you don’t need a playing field because the real world is your stage.


The Gear consists on 3 main components, any AR capable cellphone, a Headset with the receivers, and  an E-pon.




Mainly powered by your phone, allows you to see the quantum realm of the Universal Particles and Power Archives, providing you with a first person view of all the information you need to see. 




A specialized electronic weapon that allows you to control and manipulate Universal Particles to cast any Power Archive you have previously equipped.



Universal Particles are everywhere! The Bone technology understands your environment. Each time you explore your surroundings, you will find different resources. Pay attention, because the Power Archive you are looking for could be somewhere around you, and if you can’t find it, you will need to explore other environments.

The Bone game experience is not a GPS-based one, but rather a technology that interprets colors and planes in the real world. This way, it offers the user a new way to explore its surrounding space each time: from the bedroom or local park to a trail in the forest or a beach.


We don't expect you to have daily real-life combat battles. All the system is based on the idea that this is a sport and should be treated that way. There will be weekly events that allow you to fight against other Casters in real life, but in the mid-time, we also know you need to train.


You can combat other players online in AR with your epon, or use the combat simulator: a multiplayer online battle arena where you practice your moves, test your Power Archives, and design new strategies.



Do you want to run faster? or you want to increase your accuracy? 

Well, train then. This is real life; there are no shortcuts, if you want to be faster, you must achieve it by actually doing it.


The only things you can level up within the game are your assets. You will be ready to become an alchemist to forge, discover, mix, and fuse to level your Power Archives with ancient techniques supported by technology.


Esports is the end of the chain. An experience where the best players representing a House under a Kingdom will compete locally and internationally for the title. In turn, all of us can witness from the comfort of our home epic battles in iconic landmarks of the world via streaming.


The ultimate goal of The Bone is to revolutionize the world of Esports and entertainment. For the first time, we will be able to broadcast epic real-life battles, in iconic worldwide locations, and watch the players cast superpowers through two perspectives: first-person (from the player's point of view like most video games) and third-person (just like any other sport).