Frequently Asked Questions

The Bone


The app is going to be free?

Yes. The monetization will be only in cosmetics. There is no way by any means that we build pay-to-win bull·$%&%/(). Humanity deserves to have superpowers in real-life and the capacity to manipulate the Universal Particles.

Where can I download the app?

The app is not available for the general public yet. We are in the alpha phase, planning to make a beta release in 2021. All the recruitment center idea is for you to have the app before everyone else. So.. go ahead and start your training recruit! Amazing rewards are awaiting you.

The app will be in IOS and Andriod?

Yep! Both on them. Actually, all the alphas are in Android Only, but we are prioritizing IOS for the official launch.

Recruitment Center

How can I know if the Bots are official or fake?

It would be best if you were extremely careful, many bad people are trying to get information for you, don't let them!. Please make sure you do not give any sensitive information to anyone. The Bone will not ask for any information outside the official communication channels.
Oficial Social networks

Web and URL's
  • Email
  • Recruitment Center
  • Centro de Reclutamiento
  • The only official and authorized app is under the name of The Bone and developed by One Game Studio.

The Recruitment Center is free?

(there's nothing more to say because is as simple as that, free)

Troubling receiving emails?

Please make sure you add us to your contact list:

Sometimes they are in SPAM or the "promotions" section. Make sure you check there.


Where can I get my epon?

They will be available for sale on Kickstarter in Spring 2021.

Can I play without an epon?

Yes. You will be able to play with the app, explore the world in search of resources, do alchemy, and fight in the virtual multiplayer arena. You will no be able to fight in real life, though.